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Egg Donation Program FAQ

HOW DO YOU SCREEN YOUR EGG DONORS?2020-09-08T11:29:03-05:00

All AEB donors undergo an extensive multi-level screening based on both objective and subjective standards designed to satisfy both the egg donation rules and guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies and our own criteria based on years of experience.
An applicant must first pass an initial phone screening to ensure that she meets the basic qualifications and has the proper motivation. Approximately 1 in 10 applicants will pass this initial screening. Those making it through the phone screening will then have a clinical interview with a licensed mental health professional and complete:

  • An extensive three-generation family health and genetic history
  • A detailed psychosocial history and
  • The Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI)

The PAI is a widely used and researched test of adult behavior and psychopathology. The test offers 22 scales, including 11 clinical scales for mental health disorders. The test is based on 344 true/false questions and takes approximately one hour to complete.


There is no fee for an initial consultation, which includes 90 days access to our full online donor registry. The consultation is conducted either by phone or at one of our offices.

WHAT IS THE COST FOR A DONOR CYCLE?2020-09-08T11:25:43-05:00


The Egg Donor Specialists agency fee is $7,000 and includes recruiting your donor, coordinating contact between your donor and IVF physician, and coordinating long-distance travel arrangements for your donor (if applicable). Donor compensation varies between donors, but most of our donors are paid from $6,000 to $15,000, depending on how many times they have previously donated, whether their eggs have resulted in pregnancy, and their personal characteristics. This means that excluding your IVF medical costs, an average donor cycle will cost from $12,500 to $21,500, depending on the donor you select. Egg Donor Specialists does not provide medical services and your medical costs for the egg retrieval are not included in our fee. You will pay the medical costs for the IVF cycle directly to your IVF physician. Assuming an IVF cost of $25,000 (including medications), an average fresh egg cycle will cost from $37,500 to $46,500, depending on your doctor and the donor you select.


American Egg Bank (AEB) offers a 10 frozen egg package for $12,000. The package price includes all of the compensation paid to the donor and medical, psychological, legal and any long distance travel costs involved in retrieving her eggs. You will separately pay your doctor for the egg thawing, fertilization and embryo transfer, which typically costs around $15,000, including PGT-A genetic testing of the resulting embryos. This means that including your embryo creation and transfer, an average 10 egg package will cost about $27,000+. The eggs have been frozen using proprietary technology of Aspire Fertility Houston (AF), which means that at this time clients interested in our frozen egg program would have to create their embryos at the AF clinic.


We provide couples with a current photograph and, if available, childhood photographs of their donor. Her biography includes age, general physical characteristics, education, talents and interests, ethnic background, any history of drug usage, legal history, marital information, pregnancy history, health history including major illnesses and surgeries, academic interests, family genetic history, self-described personality assessment, general physical description of immediate family members, and a one-page letter explaining why she is interested in being a donor. We are FDA registered and our biographies include all FDA screening questions for certain communicable diseases. We also disclose whether she has previously been a donor and, if so, the number of eggs retrieved and success rates.

WILL THE DONOR KNOW OUR IDENTITY?2020-09-08T11:17:52-05:00

You will not be introduced to your donor and we will not disclose your identity to her. However, ancestry and DNA testing is becoming increasingly popular and it is possible that a genetic link between your child and the donor may be revealed if your child participates in this type of testing at some future time.

IS AN ADOPTION NECESSARY?2020-09-08T11:15:21-05:00

Egg donation is governed by state law and these vary from state to state. For example, under Texas law an adoption is not necessary if the wife of a married couple carries and delivers the child. If you have questions regarding the legal aspects of egg donation you should consult with an attorney with expertise in assisted reproductive law.


Although some studies indicate that high levels of stress may prevent conception, it is more likely that the treatment and disappointment associated with infertility causes stress. Research shows that women suffering from infertility experience higher levels of anxiety and depression. This, in turn, can have an effect on fertility.

WHY SHOULD WE WORK WITH AEB?2020-09-08T11:10:37-05:00


AEB works with Aspire Fertility Houston to provide all its medical services. Aspire Houston is one of the premier infertility clinics in the US, with multiple locations in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. It is also a proud member of The Prelude Network, which is a network of top-tier fertility centers across the US.


Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an establishment that engages in the manufacture of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products, we follow all FDA screening protocols for egg donor and surrogate arrangements. We are regularly inspected by FDA auditors with published results. We believe this is one more way to offer our clients assurance that their arrangement will meet the highest professional standards.


All donors in the AEB program undergo an extensive multi-level screening based on both objective and subjective standards. The screening process has been designed to satisfy both FDA rules, guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, and our own proprietary criteria. Donors in our frozen egg program will have completed their psychological screening prior to making their donation. Donors in our fresh egg program will have either completed their psychological screening or are “pending”, in which case psychological screening will be completed prior to match and only medical screening by your doctor will remain.


American Egg Bank frozen egg program has pre-screened frozen donor eggs available for our clients. This means that you can create your embryos in a matter of days rather than months and you will avoid the delay and uncertainty that comes with a “fresh” donor cycle. Using frozen eggs can also be less expensive than a fresh donor cycle.


The IRS has issued private guidance that all of the fees (including agency and donor fees) for egg donation programs will qualify as medical expenses for federal income tax purposes and as medical care expenses under a flexible spending account. You should consult with your tax advisor to determine whether these fees would be tax deductible in your particular circumstances.


That depends on the program. Donors in our frozen egg program will have completed genetic screening prior to their donation and genetic screening is included in the agency fee. Donors in the Egg Donor Specialists fresh egg program will receive genetic screening only at your request (additional cost).

WHAT IS OUR FIRST STEP?2020-09-08T11:06:27-05:00

Once your IVF physician has indicated that egg donation is your best option, your next step would be to contact us. We will then guide you through the rest of the process. We also offer counseling on an hourly basis to help you work through your decision as to which option is best for you and your family and in dealing with the emotional issues involved in infertility.