With over two decades in business, AEB is one of the oldest and most experienced egg donation and surrogacy agencies in the nation. With licensed counselors and attorneys on staff, you have the comfort of knowing that your arrangement is in the hands of experienced professionals. A counselor is always available to talk to you regarding any questions or concerns.

Also, it is very important that you work with an agency that does not mix your fee deposited by the couple with company funds. Over the years, quite a few agencies have gone bankrupt or disappeared. And the money the couples gave to those agencies for the donors’ fees also disappeared. With AEB, your money will be kept in a separate trust account managed by an attorney.

Please make sure you work with a reputable agency. Verify qualifications of whoever owns the agency. Make sure the owner/operator(s) will be someone who answers to an ethics board. For your protection, the person(s) should be an attorney, licensed medical professional or licensed mental health professional.