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Frozen Egg Program

Eggs have been successfully frozen and thawed for many years, but the technology has advanced to the point where freezing eggs is now an established option for fertility preservation (for example, before cancer treatment) or for egg donation. National average success rates using frozen eggs are still somewhat lower than success rates with fresh donor eggs, but at many IVF clinics the rates are now comparable.

American Egg Bank offers frozen donor eggs for use by infertility patients. Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an establishment that engages in the manufacture of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products, AEB follows all FDA screening protocols for egg donations, together with guidelines issued by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

Medical services for the AEB program are provided by Aspire Fertility Houston (AF), one of the top IVF clinics in the country. AF doctors screen, prepare and retrieve the eggs, which are then frozen and stored at the AF laboratory in Houston, Texas. The eggs have been frozen using AF proprietary technology, which means that at this time clients interested in our frozen donor egg program would have to create their embryos at the AF clinic.

Frozen donor eggs are immediately available for fertilization on your schedule and at your convenience. When you are ready, the eggs will be thawed and fertilized with sperm you provide. This is a major advantage over a fresh egg program, which can take from 2 to 6 months to coordinate and complete. Click here for access to our online Donor Database.